closer to fine: out of the closet and closer to love

These past few years, while going through my own divorce and ultimately coming out as bisexual I felt… all of the things. One of the things I didn’t feel so much, was alone. Mostly because I knew quite a few women going through similar experiences as I was: married to a man for years, with children and just kind of waking up one day to realize we weren’t living the lives we were supposed to be. While that wasn’t exactly my story, it is the topic of my next podcast with Alison. I met Alison through a few mutual friends. We got along great, she is fun, easy to talk to and as it turns out super open to sharing her story with us about how she refused to settle in her marriage. How she realized that she liked women and discovered that she is a lesbian and so much happier now. I think that’s the thing I like to snuggle into here… she is truly so much happier in her love life, and while it was a hard journey to go through (and honestly one she is still struggling through in some places, like we all are) it gives me so much hope for myself and for others. We don’t have to settle. We should trust our guts and not tune them out. And while it may not be the easiest route to take and people may end up getting hurt or relationships will fall into disarray as a result isn’t the overarching message we send to our kids the better path? That these things like passionate and real love are important. Living a life with someone who respects you, who is passionate about you, who cares for you. This. I want this!

Thank you Alison for sharing your story with us all!



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