life on mars: I am in a polyamorous marriage


“It’s not just about sex and threesomes and wild times in bed. It’s more complicated, there are feelings involved…but I am so happy and I don’t want to feel like that’s wrong.” Welcome to life inside of a polyamorous marriage.
Meet Tony. Meet Bri. Meet Josh. They are all happily involved in a polyamorous marriage to each other and living in a gorgeous old home in Connecticut. Bri + Josh are legally married and there was a symbolic ceremony uniting them both to Tony, of which I had the pleasure of photographing. It was an interesting day, to say the least, since not everyone present knew about the threesome, including Bri + Josh’s Dad’s. After the initial surprise of hearing that three people are married, settle in with the reality of what that looks like to three of the kindest people- how they aren’t always accepted by others, including their families, and how that plays out for them, as told to us by Tony.

I was honored to have Tony come sit down with me and share openly about his very personal and private life with his husband and wife. It’s so interesting to me the things that people take an unbridled and open interest in, especially when it comes to sex and relationships. Like, are we all doing it wrong? Do we feel stuck in the hamster wheel of the ‘normal’ life and need to live vicariously through what others do and how others live in order to spice it up for ourselves? Not for me, shit I’ve been single and ready to mingle for a hot minute. But there was a time when I was married for 13 years and in a bit of a hamster wheel myself. Now that I am free of that, I can see things with a little more clarity in my day to day life. Asking questions openly of those who choose to come sit with me for this podcast has also helped to open my eyes to the big world that’s out there, right in front of me. I’m not even talking about traveling far and wide to cultures and people that are vastly different from me: I am talking about the people I know. What a colorful band of friends I am so lucky to have, Tony being one of them!

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