There is No Such Thing as Normal

Aint’ that the truth! Meet Dave Jackson. A former police officer turned professional photographer. He’s a red-bearded, gangly straight shooter, and man, do I adore this guy something fierce.

Real talk time: this podcast has been recorded and edited and ready to roll for like, literally months. But I have been so hesitant to just post it and for no real reason. Something else always seems to come up, and since this is not my cash-money paying ‘job’ I am allowing my super strong boundaries kick in and not allowing myself to just post the dam thing! My buddy Dave has some stories to share, and some lessons to impart and we should give it a listen and hear how his life is all the way in Appleton Wisconsin. We need to know how he turned his life around, lost a ton of weight and started running races. How he lessened his stress by a major career switch and read the letter that I read that got me on the Dave Jackson Love Fest Party Train from way back in the day! Here it is via, an amazing blog for photographers that my friend and fellow CT photographer Seshu runs!

An Open Letter to a Local Photographer, by Dave Jackson

In fact, I urge you to read this article BEFORE you listen to his podcast, to give you some context. It’s a great read! Thank you Dave for sitting with me while we were at Inspire all those years ago and I had literally just announced that I was doing this podcast. You were so willing to support me on this and I appreciate you and your willingness to share your story with us all. Much love to you, Melanie and the girls from Hartford CT all the way to Appleton Wisconsin!

And to all of you who take the time to listen to the stories shared here, thank you from the bottom of my heart!




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