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I Am Here for a Reason: S1E1

Beyond proud to share my very first podcast with you all! Huge thanks to all of the people who have been and continue to help and support me on this new journey! I started podcasting as a way to expand my connection reach. What’s a connection reach, you ask? Well, I just made that up! I have felt like I have the ability to connect with people through my job as a professional photographer in a really meaningful way, but it felt kind of limiting. I wanted to move beyond just photography and the wedding and events community and really connect with…people. Anyone. Everyone. All of us. We all have a story to tell. We all want to be seen and heard. To know that we aren’t in this alone. Distance is irrelevant, we are all connected.

I first met ‘Boo’ Annette Alston during the winter of 2015 when she wanted to do a photo-shoot to commemorate her finishing her second fight with breast cancer. She wanted to show her scars proudly to all and say a hearty ‘FUCK YOU’ to cancer. This winter I got the call that Boo had cancer again. This time it was in her brain, her spine, her liver. Everywhere. And yet, she still shines her light so bright, warming everyone in its path. Her story is sure to move you with her positive attitude, despite having terminal cancer.

To learn more about how you can support those with cancer in your community, visit the American Cancer Society.

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