Eyes Up, Heart Open! Teaser

Who knew me in a bubble bath listening to a podcast for the first time would turn into me doing my very own podcast? I am overwhelmed at the stories that you all are willing to share with me. I have belly laughed, and cried so hard I couldn’t even interview properly. I guess there is no ‘properly’, really. Just me and you and a heart felt conversation about life and all that it is for you. The stories you choose to share, and give life to. Because, in the end, this is how we live on beyond what our life is. By our stories that we choose to share with others. So, what’s your story?

Email me at info@carlateneyck.com for more information about being featured on Eyes Up, Heart Open, coming to iTunes this Spring 2016!

Featured in this clip, biggest heartfelt thanks to Amber Westlake Langlois, Kristin DeLeo Chalmers, Annette Alston, Tony Palmieri, Alison Kimberly
Produced by Joel Callaway
Logo art by my Pop Carlos Hernandez Chavez with Jim Altieri + Joel Callaway

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